Her Story

About Her:

You have to build to achieve goals; not just dream them. These are words most entrepreneurs can identify with.

However, building is a process that takes time and many steps.

As a  young woman, I knew I wanted to help people, specifically in healthcare. Nagging skin issues like psoriasis and eczema made me feel uncomfortable, and this had a negative affect on my attitude. However, I learned how to heal myself.

I used natural ingredients to create oils and soaps that are less harmful, and this worked wonders on my skin. Wellness is what I was seeking.

As a Biology major at Morgan State, I was excited to learn more about healthcare so I could transform the lives of my community. Although, I still had an entrepreneurial ‘itch’ that I needed to explore. How can I help heal people and still earn a living? Viola! I started Messy Buddha.

At Messy Buddha, we create products that look to heal the body and mind of our customers. We use all natural ingredients to produce amazing oils, candles, and soaps that lead you on a holistic healing process. 

Starting Messy Buddha has been a tough journey, but endlessly rewarding. I am able to support myself by helping my community, and that is priceless.

A girl with a dream grew into a woman with a business. Lets heal together.